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Speedwell Weather System DataStore
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  • SWS DataStore is an enterprise client-server software package designed to store large volumes of weather data and weather forecasts and other time-series data.
  • SWS comprises a server application and database with desktop applications that allow the user to query, compare, analyse, visualise and export data.
  • Weather data is stored respecting the numerous different data quality types (e.g. Synop / Climate / Cleaned, etc) for an unlimited number of standard and user-defined weather variables.
  • Database structure supports metadata and information flags for each data point.
  • SWS stores both ensemble and deterministic forecasts. Ensemble forecasts may comprise any number of members of any length (e.g. 51 member ECMWF, 9 member GFS, 15-day, monthly, seasonal, etc.).
  • SWS DataStore handles data and forecast feeds from many service providers, allowing the user to compare forecasts and data from a variety of sources in a single application.
  • Data and forecasts automatically imported to the database around the clock to ensure that the most up to date information is always available.
  • SWS DataStore SWS is a fully scalable system capable of meeting the requirements of the largest corporate weather data user: We have users running from 10 to over 100,000 weather data sites.
  • SWS can support any date/value time series, not just weather data.
  • SWS supports daily, hourly and sub hourly time series.
  • A full audit trail showing any weather data changes over time (e.g. revised data points) is provided.
  • SWS is an open system. Data and software components can be accessed via API.
  • SWS is secure and operates a comprehensive permission based access structure.
  • System easily configured to support new data and forecast feed formats.
  • SWS can be installed locally within the client network or may be hosted by Speedwell.
  • SWS Database and applications come with full technical support and training.
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Speedwell Weather System Datastore PDF Document
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