Speedwell SuperPack® Weather Data Subscription
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Speedwell SuperPack makes available an unprecedented range of quality historical weather data and weather data feeds for a single annual fee. The SuperPack licence applies corporate-wide, across multiple office locations 24-hours per day.

  • Instant access to our core historical data archive of 10,000+ stations from 100+ countries, cleaned data for over 5,000 sites and on-request access to our secondary archives of tens of thousands of additional data sets.
  • Multiple weather variables including temperature, precipitation, snowfall, wind speed, sunshine, cloud cover, dewpoint, solar radiation.. (hourly & daily data available).
  • Provision of historical data and feeds.
  • Data can be delivered by FTP or downloaded directly from our website in a user-specified format.
  • Inventory information shown by weather variable (start/end date, percentage complete...).
  • Search for sites by weather variable availability.
  • Access to the Speedwell suite of data analysis and visualization tools including Data Viewer, Weather Index Cone, Monthly/Weekly Statistics Extractor, Index Calculator, Actuals Vs. Climate Normals tracker, Analogue Years Tool...

Data Sources

Speedwell has direct supply agreements with many National Meteorological Services worldwide allowing us to supply official climate data for countries.

Data Availability

A detailed station inventory is provided to SuperPack subscribers through a corporate login to the Speedwell Weather website.
The SuperPack inventory shows:
  • Station attribute information(e.g. station name, WMO #, National ID #, Speedwell ID, latitude, longitude, elevation, country)
  • Breakdown of statistics by weather variable
  • Availability of Speedwell Cleaned Data
  • Availability of daily / hourly / sub-hourly data
Documents and Brochures
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Speedwell SuperPack Weather Data PDF Document
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